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Photo Credit: Andrey Pavlov / Barcroft India

Barcroft creates, produces and distributes amazing factual content which is enjoyed and shared by massive mainstream audiences around the world.

Our original stories, videos and TV shows are delivered by our team of award-winning producers 24/7 from our newsrooms in London, New York and New Delhi.

Photo Credit: iVistaphotography / Barcroft Media

Everything started with a picture

We started Barcroft in 2003 to provide incredible photography to the world's new media. With a photographic background, imagery was in our DNA. We developed a network of award winning photographers, and became famous for bringing breathtaking images of eye-catching moments into the mainstream news agenda. Now we deliver exclusive pictures to thousands of editorial clients around the world every day.

Photo Credit: Matthew Tabaccos / Barcroft Media

Next came Barcroft Productions

In 2007, we came across the incredible story of Lakshmi Tatma in India. We produced a successful documentary about her life for UK broadcaster Channel 4. We continued to produce factual television, and after four years and 18 films, in 2011 we formed our own Indie, Barcroft Productions. Now we produce multiple series for major broadcasters in the UK and USA.

Photo Credit: Xinhua / Landov / Barcroft Media

We then introduced our wire service

With the launch of news websites around the world came an urgent demand for compelling, authentic content. As early adopters, we were keen to get involved. Our amazing words, pictures and video were perfect food for the internet and social media. We developed our own subscription-based news wire which delivers exclusive, newsworthy content 24/7/365.

Photo Credit: Pedro Ladeira / Barcroft USA

And launched BTV to the world

In 2012 our U.S. correspondents made a short film called The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear. We uploaded it to YouTube, and it went viral. YouTube included it in their 2012 Zeitgeist. Since then, we have continuously developed our video channel, and it’s now one of the world's biggest factual brands on the Internet. Now, Barcroft TV is watched by millions of people every day in over 200 countries.

Photo Credit: Norman Kent / Barcroft Media

And then it was time for Barcroft Plus

Over the years we've worked with brands, advertising agencies and PRs to create and distribute authentic content. From NGOs to sportswear companies, automotive manufacturers to telecoms providers, we deliver compelling stories to millions of customers that resonate with their brand messaging. Now we've launched Barcroft Plus as a dedicated division for companies to access our full range of creative, production and distribution services.


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